Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a tourist attraction, one of the Waterfalls in Victoria Falls, ዚምቧቤ. It is located: 28 km from Livingstore, 252 km from Wankie, 520 km from Choma.

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, S17°55'27", E25°51'24". አቅጣጫዎችን ያግኙ

ክፍት ሰዓታት
  • Mon-Sun 6:00 AM–6:00 PM


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ምክሮች እና ፍንጮች
Phoebe Michelle
30 March 2014
Amazing! Wear clothes and shoes you don't mind being soaked. If not, you can rent plastic shoes and a rain cape for 10 kwa each.
Atena J
19 March 2017
Everything is good here. Although I have been here in March, hight water, It was fantastic. Even soaking in water was fun for me. There is a bunge jumping point on the border bridge next to the falls.
Jonathan Carr-Harris
12 May 2015
Great views. Best time to visit July - Sept. Prepare to get soaked during the walk between March and June.
Paige Hunter
17 July 2017
The views are stunning! Prepare yourself to get wet if you decide to walk over the bridge to see the rainbow falls.
Khaled El-Naggar
14 November 2013
Best month to visit is July as I asked around. The water is not too low as now or too high so you cannot see coz of the mist
Hännelore Chavier
2 September 2015
This place is amazing... It takes u 2 hours to finish it all. Be prepared in case it rains
Elephant Hills Resort

$345 ጀምሮ

Cresta Sprayview Hotel

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Victoria Falls Budget Hotel

$60 ጀምሮ

Victoria Falls Rest Camp and Lodges

$20 ጀምሮ

Mopani lodge

$65 ጀምሮ

Pamusha Lodge

$128 ጀምሮ

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